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HCE Telecom Inc. is a facilities based telecommunications & technology company that is 100% held by HUC.  HCE Telecom is building next generation communications & technology solutions on top of its ever-expanding fibre footprint. HCE Telecom loves to innovate in Hamilton and then expand its services outwards delivering services across Canada for both the enterprise business and MUSH (Municipal, University, School Boards & Healthcare) sectors with some of the country's largest municipalities and companies. HCE Telecom helps make cities smarter and its customers more efficient through its leading edge technologies.

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HCE Energy owns and operates a number of energy assets that include solar, combined heat and power and geothermal throughout southern Ontario as well as a district energy plant that services over 2.5 million square feet of commercial, institutional, and multi-residential facilities in Hamilton. HCE Energy provides energy solutions and services that make its customers more energy and cost efficient while continually reducing its carbon footprint.  HCE's award winning primary facility together with its other operations offers sustainable energy solutions that align with the City of Hamilton's Vision 2020.

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HUC holds the City of Hamilton's 18% share for Alectra Utilities.  For questions related to Alectra please contact them directly at: 905-522-9200